I’ve written before about how important it is to me that the kids play independently and don’t need me to stimulate them, for their sake and for mine. Recently though, I’d started to notice Jack’s attention span waning and that now at the age of 4 and a bit, he’s not so interested in entertaining himself with his usual fave toys and instead wants to play all sorts of imagination-based games with me. View Post

Growing up, my mum always made my siblings and I our birthday parties at home – it’s all I’ve ever known and I (and my childhood friends) have fond memories of being sat cramped in my parent’s hallway, wishing the parcel would land on us and taking turns to have a whack on the homemade piñataView Post

I’m super excited to be hosting Megan, a Fashion Stylist, who is sharing her typical look Monday through to Sunday, and how she combines motherhood with the world of fashion. View Post

I don’t think Jack could have been more excited to visit the “BEAR Nibbles Factory” as he had affectionately coined it that very wet Tuesday morning to learn all about one of our fave snack brands, BEAR. View Post

When you feel closer to childhood than grownuphood.

Every now and then we feature an illustration by the wonderful Nina Cosford. This might just be one of my very favourites ever.

P.S My Two Hair Options in Life and Granny Girl

There is a moment surely every new mother has. Not the one of sheer joy as you look into your newborn’s eyes (I never had that one. Just me?). The one where you have made a cup of tea and this – you’re hoping. I mean, please! – is the one you’re going to get to drink warm. Then you realise, you have no milk. No cow’s milk. No almond milk… But hang on, you have breast milk… View Post

Father’s Day is around the corner (17th June – don’t worry, I totally had to look it up too). You’ll all know that expensive presents are not my jam but small tokens or (inexpensive) experiences are. Take a look at the below gifts I’ve put together which are all under £20 and bound to put a smile on a special dad’s face next weekend. View Post

“I’ll do it!”, “No, stop! Don’t help me,” she demands as she wanders between my partner in the kitchen cooking and me tidying in the lounge. She offers, “Can I help?”, and wants to help fold clean laundry or wash the floor – (in my eyes) the most mundane tasks. But I let her, of course I do. View Post