I was sat next to a lovely lady the other morning in my local cafe. I watched her coo over her tiny baby with such calm contentment, and of course we got chatting pretty quickly. She was an obstetrician whose job was to deliver babies and this was her second child so we were soon exchanging all sorts of titbits of information over our coffees (me to her: “what’s it like being on the opposite side of the ‘bed’?” Her to me: “do gro clocks actually work?” For the record, we’ve never had one so I have no idea.) View Post

I  love the quote by Maria Montessori that ‘play is the work of the child’. Playing is serious business for kids and for us parents, it can mean the difference between having a few hours through the day to get on with things vs being on our hands and knees all day doing Gruffalo voices (also fun, but not always ideal)

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A Not So Stay At Home Mother

Today was a big day; typically it would have been a working day, a Monday back in the office after a weekend. But after a life-changing decision, last week marked the end of my career in an office job, as I know it. It meant handing over my computer, my iphone (and my paid for phone contract), my medical insurance, free yoga classes and delicious smoothies. And it meant handing over something much bigger: my ego and (a large chunk of) my identity. View Post

Every Friday I will be publishing a video over on my YouTube channel. Sometimes it will be tips based, other times it will be more just what we might have been up to recently – whether that’s a week on a remote island in Mexico or, like today’s, staying firmly at home in our pyjamas until embarrassingly late in the day (actually my favourite type in many ways).  View Post

Shopping more ‘consciously’ (sorry for the word, it cringes me out too but it is actually the most accurate word I can find to describe it) is something I’m becoming increasingly passionate about. View Post

What are your favourite Instagram accounts? I admittedly follow mainly mums in various corners of the world but sometimes – just sometimes – I feel like something other than cute hands and cloth nappies (!). Here’s some of my go to accounts… View Post