A Perfect Birthday Camping Trip

I know what you’re thinking – it’s the start of the year and it’s been pretty much raining all day here in London. Why, WHY would I want to contemplate a camping trip? Indeed, precisely because you’ve probably either done a fair amount of rushing around from friends’ birthday parties to grandma’s house or like us, you’ve spent a large proportion of the day indoors with your kids watching TV. And with half term looming, screen time is likely going to feature in parents lives’ everywhere up and down the country even more than normal.

This is where camping comes in which is without a doubt, the biggest antidote there is to the busy, screen-fuelled lives we (and to a degree, our children live.) It is grubby, it is hard work and it is one of the most bonding experiences you can ever do as a family. Campsites get surprisingly busy in the Summer – certainly when I tried to book last year, many were booked up. We’re certainly not camping experts but we’ve been a few times (including a trip when Sonny was just a few weeks old) and now have a good idea of what makes a great site. Here’s some photos from our camping trip last year. So this is a gentle suggestion to try out camping this Summer if you’ve not been before or a reminder to book your spot if you are regulars – either way, these rainy, couch potato days will soon feel very distant once you’re in those green fields. Just pray for sunshine!

P.S The UK Campsites You Need to Visit and Best Ever Glamping Trip





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