Whilst I’m not a believer in materialism or buying for the sake of buying, I’m a huge advocate of showing appreciation which means any excuse to show some love – provided it’s in a modest, pure way – I’m in. With this in mind, I thought I’d put together a small ethically-minded, gift list of items for you and your loved one with everything at £20 or under:


Soap lovers gift bag, a combination of 3 soap scents and gift bag to ensure your lover smells delicious. Expect plastic free delivery, too. £19.99

British Alpaca bed socks because who doesn’t love having toasty feet in bed and not having to wash socks daily, £18.50

Bamboo toothbrush subscription for keeping breath fresh and happy, starts from 4.99 euros

Idan oil, 100% vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, handmade in Hackney, smells UNREAL. Seriously, £16

Pair of his and her napkins, so classy, so sustainable – created from T shirt cut offs from the fast fashion industry, £5 (on sale at the time of writing!)

Hot pink pants, made out of textile waste and all sorts of sexy, £20

Brass ring, made by the Hope Jewellery fair trade project in Lima and hand cut and polished by Peruvian women hoping to educate their children and support their families, £14

 Dedicate a tree – what more could show your love? Suggested donation, £20

The diet everyone needs to adopt for a sustainable future, £20.

Natural Pure Beeswax Candles – because you cannot go wrong. From £1.75

I hope you enjoyed this little list and might be inspired to purchase something small for a loved one,

Emma xxx

P.S A low key kids gift guide  and An Alternative Gift List for Kids (That Isn’t Just More Stuff)


  1. Zakia
    February 4, 2019 / 1:22 pm

    Love this!! Totally in the spirit of your philosophy, be kind, educate yourself, even small changes help, positive support for anyone being mindful in anyway of the environment and humanity. Truly appreciate the lack of extremism forced with guilt and shame associated with similar messages!!

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