Stain Remover Miracles

It’s sad – but true – that when I contemplate new clothes for the kids, all I see are their potential to be covered in bolognese and banana stains. In fact, one of my biggest mum questions in life is simply “how does she keep her children’s clothes so immaculate?” All was well until the age of about 13 months, before which both my kids dutifully sat in highchairs whilst I popped a bib on them and they would precede to eat. Happy days. But since that age, both have resolutely refused to wear a bib and as hard as I try, will not be swayed (I know, I know, I shouldn’t let them eat if they’re not wearing one but #yolo and all that). The upshot? Happy kids but one frustrated mama and a helluva lot of stained clothes.

I did a shout out to my wonderful Instagram community a few months back and got a whole bunch of amazing answers back. So here goes, depending on what you have available, plus with a bit of your own research on top, below is a list of the real nasty, super non bio options and then some more natural options too as tried and tested by mama:

The no-mess, non-natural options:

  • Do a quick rinse in the sink with some washing up liquid then wash as normal
  • Soak in napisan with cold water – some of you say this is the *only* product that removes newborn explosions / bolognese sauce!
  • Vanish – the solid bar (apparently far better than the spray and powder)
  • 2pureit gone – apparently does the job amazingly!
  • Carbolic soap – centuries mildly antiseptic soap but I’m hearing great things
  • Ace bleach – super cheap!
  • Soda crystals – multi use, and also super good value
  • Tesco own brand stain remover spray – zero-fuss
  • Sainsburys stain spray pre wash – ignore instructions and leave on overnights then wash at 60 then leave in day by the window – works a treat, apparently!
  • Thick toilet bleach – wah! Certainly the cheapest and the harshest, but does it work…?

There are some more eco-friendly options too:

  • Lemon oil – apparently great for getting oil stains off walls and crayons off walls etc. Apply and wash immediately as it can take the colour out of some things so watch out!
  • Wash in cold water then hang in the sun to dry – the most natural stain remover out there, though this option might take a few goes!
  • Ecover – I’m a big fan of this brand
  • Soak in white vinegar for a bit then scrub with baking soda

My favourite responses:

  • Have your kids eat naked – we do this a lot!
  • Shop in charity shops so clothes don’t become super expensive and it’s not the be all and end all
  • Disguise the bib by using an old t-shirt instead – little ones seem to be ok with that!
  • Buy some markers and add decorations to the stains – custom clothes are way cooler!

A few bonus tips:

  • Some washing machines have a stain setting – look out for this!
  • Treat the stain as soon as possible after it hits
  • Hot water sets a stain so always remove a stain initially using cold water then move on to hot

I really hope you find these answers handy – I for one will be trying out a bunch of these answers and here’s hoping my kids will one day have clean clothes…!

Thanks for reading,

Emma xxx

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