Mamalina Bumper Festive Guide 2020: 50 Freakin’ Great Gifts (IMHO)

In the spirit of the year where all the rules and everything as we know it was firmly chucked out the window, here’s a higgeldy piggedly, bumper of a festive guide filled with lushness, deliciousness, stylishness, cosiness and a whole lotta small business loving. Take a look, and perhaps it might inspire you to nab something special for someone you love <3

For Someone Who Spends Hours in the Kitchen, Who Always Chooses the Wine and Who Already Has 5 Chopping Boards

From top left: A perfect vegetable knife, from £6 – HAY, The most beautiful pestle and mortar, £46 – Toast, A mega cheese box subscription, or just a pick n mix box, from £30 – The Cheese Geek, Slave free Christmas chocolate bar, £3.98 – Tony’s Chocolonely, Vouchers to The Most Delicious restaurant – Dishoom, A patisserie course (home made croissants, anyone?!!), £180 – Bread Ahead, Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil (& the prettiest can), £24 – Freight, Pasta Maker, £45 – Kooks Unlimited, Anna Jones’ One Pot, Pan, Planet, £26 for a signed copy – Waterstones

For Someone who loves a Long Soak, Beautiful Hand Creams and Sweet Smelling Everything!

From top left: Cedar and bitter orange soap, £9.90 – Dook, Dreamy wild fig hand cream, £12 – Plum and Ashby, Hydrating triple C Night cream, £18.26 – Mad Hippie (so obsessed with this stuff!), Moon Bath Book featuring 16 bathing rituals, £14.99 – Berylune, Noel soy candle, £13 – Dyke & Dean, Sweet Almond lip balm, £7.50 – Lark, Lips cheeks blush tint stick, £11.99 – Acala, Solid gentle foaming cleanser, £22 – Sbtrt, Deep drift herbal bath salts, £12 – Verdant Alchemy

For Someone with A Gorgeously Messy Home, Climbing Houseplants and Chipped Crockery

From top left: A beginners botanical styling course, £34.99 – The Village School, 100% recycled cotton jute bag, £37 – Ian Snow, Ceramic 70s cappuccino cup, £7.50 – Folk Interiors, Original cruelty free oil painting on bamboo, £125 – Colette LaVette, Houseplants galore, from £5 – The Stem, Regular Hikers Notebook, £8.50 – Earl of East, Wooden cacti salt and pepper grinder, £40 – Amara, Accidentally Wes Anderson (and the first ever book to receive his official authorisation), £25 – AIDA, Braided apple storage, £75 – Couverture & the Garbstore

For Someone with Oodles of Effortless Style, And a Cheeky Smile to Boot

From top left: Green Africa print umbrella, £70 – Hadeda, Funky unisex ankle socks, £18 – Marimekko, Unsex hip bag, £65 – Carhartt, Mohair block jumper, £149 – Nomad & the bowerbird, The MOST BEAUTIFUL raincoat, £145 – Bless, Bottle green corduroy shopper, £26 – Lavender Room, Turmeric hand dyed face mask, £19 – CocOon, Wool Pile Mitten Beige, £60 – Outsiders Store, Kinabalu Beanie Hat Camel, £22.50 –Fox + Feather

For The Kid You Love So Much It Hurts a Bit (But You Also Love them loads when They Go to Sleep)

From top left: Mega fun kids’ SLS free shower gel, £3.93 – Yope, Pink plimsoles, £58.50 (on sale!) – We A Family, Colour change pond bath book, £10.99 – Lillian Daph, 100% FSC Certified Noah’s Ark, £44.99 – Bigjigs Toys, Organic merino wool hat, £17.99 – Dilling, All-natural bristled baby brush, £11 – The Simple Folk, Epic wooden marble run (and what we’re getting the boys!), £34.99 – Nonsuch, Slow Down – 50 Nature Stories, £16.99 – Magic Cat Publishing, Galaxy Book Print, £15 – Loving by Nature

And here’s a few things I’m personally lusting after …

From top left: Inu face earrings, £26 – Ian Snow, Vintage style leather camera strap, £25 – Etsy, Colour candles, set of six £15 – Freight, NORA wool & organic women’s turtleneck, £145 – Jaggery, Hanging rattan moons, £29 – Little Deer

I do hope you enjoyed this round up and may have sourced a potential gift or three. I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a b e a u t i f u l festive period, however you celebrate, and to thank you for all your support this year. I don’t take a single smidgen of it for granted, you’re all a wonderful bunch.

Mulled wine and full bellies,

Emma xxx

P.S Seasons Greentings, The Ultimate Sustainable Guide to the Festive Season and The Alternative Gift List for Kids (That Isn’t Just More Stuff) and

NB. I don’t earn any commission on any of the above, I’m not tech savvy enough to work out how to do that stuff!


  1. Jaimi @thehippyishfamily
    December 13, 2020 / 10:54 am

    Someone with A Gorgeously Messy Home, Climbing Houseplants and Chipped Crockery…. sounds like here 😆 The more plants the more it distracts from the battle to keep things tidy haha. Gorgeous list thank you 😊. Have a brilliant cozy Christmas x

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