I’m super excited to be working with Planet Organic during my second pregnancy to bring you guys a series of blogs and vlogs all about what to eat, drink, bath in, slap on your face and more when you’re pregnant. What more important time in your life is there to look after your mind and your body then when you are growing a brand new person inside of you?

I’ll be working alongside a Fertility Nutiritionist and I do want to stress that everything I talk and write about is just my own experience as I am by no means a doctor. But I am a mama, and a mama-to-be-to number two, so I hope that I can offer a few words of advice you might take on board here and there. I’ll be posting blogs and videos from now up until I am due to give birth (the end of May) so watch this space! Thanks for being here and stay smiling people! x x x

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