What’s In My Fridge

I’m pretty sure I put a lot more effort into maintaining my fridge than I do the shape of my brows so I thought I’d share with you its’ contents on a random day. There’s usually a tonne of fruit and veg, some sort of vaguely expensive dairy items (the money we save on buying meat goes on organic dairy produce), some crusty (not in a good way) bread and other bits and bobs. And on this occasion a half bitten in to courgette – ta Jack. Oh and I have a weird shelf organising system – I am not organised in any aspect of my life  but bizarrely I am quite particular about my fridge mainly down to my aversion to any sort of waste. 

Hope you enjoy the video and please subscribe to the channel if you’re up for that. What’s in YOUR fridge? Do you have any specific system to avoid waste? Oh and do check Farmdrop out when you get a mo if you’re based in the UK.

Emma xxx

P.S A slightly lighter post today than yesterday’s

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