13 Practical and Sustainable New Baby Gifts

Baby is here – hurrah! Here’s a few ideas for a slightly different type of gift for a new mama…

A home made meal – and if you’re a group of friends why not coordinate meals to make it even more helpful for new mama

Washable cloth wipes – one can never have enough wipes which double up as well, pretty much anything

Plant a tree in the new baby’s name

The most nourishing book out there for new mums

…But this is a must read have too!

Gift her a box of all her favourite eco goodies to help her feel grounded, centred and back in the flow

If she’s a breastfeeding mama, a beautiful maternity bra will make all those feeds that bit more special

A cute decoration for the baby’s room that mum will love too

Book her a beauty treatment that arrives at her front door

Offer to take any other siblings off mum and dads’ hands for an afternoon or evening

The most beautiful baby changing mat

A baby fruit tree or olive tree – watch it grow and bear fruit alongside baby (or if you have one, why not just take her a small cutting)

And if you’re really keen to get baby a new outfit, you can’t go wrong with these cutest baby harems

I do hope you like these new baby gift ideas… let me know any other ideas in the comments below.

Emma xxx

P.S Sustainable Newborn Essentials and The One Thing as a Mum of a Baby I Don’t Compromise


  1. October 6, 2019 / 9:53 pm

    I like to give anything handmade whether it be a crocheted cardy, fine knitted special hat, crocheted blanket…something that has taken time and love and will hopefully be passed on to future generations!

  2. September 25, 2019 / 1:44 pm

    Hi Emma, here doing some promotion for my little cameras for the older siblings who also deserve a gift and the funky musical boxes to rock baby to sleep! All handmade in the UK. Cheers! I might add, your Abe is so cute! XxxMarine @matachushop

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