25 Last minute, Low Waste Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day needn’t be a time to go overboard and get caught up in the consumerism of it all, but equally there’s some lovely, low waste ways to show a little appreciation for the important males in our life. Here’s a few ideas that might help you on your way:

A trip to the cinema to see his favourite movie. If you’re London based, the BFI is an extra special place

A safety razor

Shares in his favourite beer company (we’re going for Brew Dog!)

Or what about a beer festival? Buy a range of ales and write up on a chalkboard for the ultimate tasting test!

Ditch the cards and instead start a notepad where the kids can write a message each year for dad. They could also draw a picture and answer some questions about him.

A DIY hamper cardboard box hamper with marmalade, chocolate, cheese, crackers, fancy chutney and a copy of his favourite magazine

Dedicate a tree to him

Twin your toilet to help a family build a basic toilet

Cook him up a lovely breakfast in bed

…or make him his favourite dinner once the kids are in bed

Organise a walk or a fishing trip to get you all outdoors

A beard comb – for the hairy man in your life

Text his mates and organise a night out with them

A phone call – sometimes, that’s all it takes

A high quality bottle of British gin

If you’re crafty, what about some home made boxers

…Or a laptop case

Take the kids to a pottery shop and make him his own mug

A cookery course

Some infused olive oil

A coffee bean subscription

A chilli plant

A book you think he’d love from your local charity shop

Make him some deodorant (just hope he doesn’t think he smells.. or maybe he does!?)

Some gardening tools – ebay has some amazing finds

Oh and try to find plastic free card, or of course make your own. I hope you enjoyed this little list and might feel inspired to show a special daddy some love this Fathers’ Day.

Emma xxx

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This post is inspired by ideas on a Zero Waste Facebook group

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