Do they settle well? Do they wake each other up? What happens if one is a super early riser? All THREE of our kids share a room, so I’m answering… View Post

Cloth Nappies for Newborns

Cloth Nappies for Newborns

It’s common to start using cloth nappies once you’re baby is a little bit older, around the three month mark, mainly because having a newborn can be enough work as it is without adding in extra loads of washing to the fuzzy, messy mix of it all. … View Post

I’m back ! (& why I took some time …

I’m back ! (& why I took some time out)

It was stupid, really. I thought I’d birth a baby and be back at my desk for my usual 6.45am work slot before the other kids’ breakfast and drop off. Oh and that I’d whack up a video telling you all about it, too. … View Post