Have a Great Long Weekend

What are you up to this long weekend? We are going to be celebrating our version of Easter along with enjoying a good #zeroplansday or three. We are also meeting up with my best friend, her family and their new baby! (Yep, remember Megan who gave all the tips about turning a breech baby ? That one!) Here’s some fun things from around the web:Why we’ve all been deceived by men in T-shirts

Wahoo! Some great news for midwives (and mums to be)

clothes rail we’re lusting after

Why not take a visit to a local stately home?

Some reflections 50 years after Martin Luther King’s Death

An awesome nationwide recycling initiative – finally

Yummy one pot black beans

The most striking images from the March for our Lives in the US

The most dreamy Nature Reserve – only one hour from London

We probably would have been dancing here this weekend 10 years ago

Plus two awesome Instagram comments:

Says @oneblogeverymin on “Can We Have a Heart to Heart”: “Love it! Thanks for sharing, I have been having my own musings on this as I have begun to enter the Insta and blogging world, as well as watching others interact on the grid. Bottom line, every one is human and everyone’s opinions flux and flow – they never stay completely static and I for one, love blogging like that – blogging that makes me think, laugh and cry all in different (or sometimes the same!) posts”

Says Zehra on Having a Minimal Wardrobe: “I’m always so happy with my lack of choice in clothes on holiday which is why I’ve reduced my wardrobe heavily and most spark joy. Im still looking to reduce even more as less makes me so much happier!x”

Emma xx

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