Have A Happy Weekend

Bet no one is happier that this week is over than Mr Zuckerberg! Tomorrow I have a whole day to myself (I’ll explain why tomorrow) and then Sunday we are brunching with a couple who are expecting a new baby. Oh and I’m also planning on baking this. In the meantime, here’s some fun things going down in Internet land..Why we all need to be drinking more alcohol

Why just going vegan isn’t always the answer

Who has time for that

A surprising thing the Royal family do when they travel

Small Healthy Rituals

On having sex after a baby

Yes please – to any of these destinations

My new favourite Waste Reducing App

Meet the first hijab wearing model to grace Vogue’s front covers

The perfect work out food

Plus a great reader comment:

Says Saleema on How To Encourage Independent Play: “I think the key is not to be a source of entertainment for our kids. I think it’s OK if a child wants you to play with them a bit but don’t take charge of the situation. Where you take over ‘the game’. My son is incredibly social and he loves company so it was hard for him to always be playing by himself. There is also the live language factor – his is quality time and I like to give him the choice what he wants to do and its always – let’s play! My daughter is the complete opposite ?I think it may have to do with personality”





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