Summer holidays can be a challenge when it comes to eco-friendly family living: they can spell plastic water pistols and paddling pools, endless plastic bottles of water for thirsty mouths and expensive days out. But with a few low waste tips, it’s perfectly possible to enjoy the Summer without causing harm to the environment. View Post

It can be hard to get your head around how reusable nappies slot into daily life; how often should I change my baby’s nappy? Do I need a nappy bin? What about when we go out? In this video I talk you through our typical routine from morning to night including a little trip out. Hope you enjoy it! View Post

When I asked my followers on Instagram to summarise how periods make them feel, there was no holding back. Emotions were split between a period making you feel “connected to life’s flow”, “powerful, sensitive and blessed” to “like being carved out with a rusty spoon”, “chaotic”, “cross” and “messy.” View Post

I’m excited to be kick starting a new series where I’ll be looking at low waste living in different places in the world; challenges, solutions and stories along the way. Today, Agnese from Our Simple Cottage describes life in Hong Kong, one of the largest corporate mega cities in the world.  View Post

I’ve written before about how important it is to me that the kids play independently and don’t need me to stimulate them, for their sake and for mine. Recently though, I’d started to notice Jack’s attention span waning and that now at the age of 4 and a bit, he’s not so interested in entertaining himself with his usual fave toys and instead wants to play all sorts of imagination-based games with me. View Post

Birthday parties are an integral part of family life and rightly so – it’s important to celebrate the good things in life! Somehow though, like so much in modern day to day living and parenting, they seem to have spiralled a little out of control and have come to be some of the most wasteful events of the year. In this post I’m going to talk you through some ways to keep waste to a minimum at your kids’ party and avoid finding yourself carrying out black binbags full of rubbish at the end of it all. It’s totally possible (and even more fun, I’d say!) to celebrate sustainably, without being a total party pooper. View Post

I’m super excited to be hosting Megan, a Fashion Stylist, who is sharing her typical look Monday through to Sunday, and how she combines motherhood with the world of fashion.

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I don’t think Jack could have been more excited to visit the “BEAR Nibbles Factory” as he had affectionately coined it that very wet Tuesday morning to learn all about one of our fave snack brands, BEAR. View Post