20 Camping Essentials (that you *might* not have thought of)

Every Summer I vow to properly write this list up (currently scrawled in the back of my diary) and finally, this Summer I’ve done it! So here goes – a list of my camping essentials, with two kids aged 3 and 5. This list will of course differ for everybody, depending on where you’re camping and the ages of any kids but I do hope it’s helpful. In no particular order….

1. Mini Speaker – we love this one because the sound quality is great, it connects super easily to bluetooth and it is real sturdy. It’s not cheap, but this will last us
2. Camping chairs – maybe I’m showing my age but a few good camping chairs are essentials. Somehow makes drinking a mug of coffee, overlooking some beautiful countryside, 10X better
3. Dustpan and brush – the *only* way to keep a tent vaguely clean
4. Solar lights for outside your tent – to add a touch of fairy sparkle (& help you navigate your way back to your tent at night)
5. Blankets – more than you think you’ll ever need

6. Small foldable table – for keys, toiletries, and general adult shizzle. Brings some civilised vibes to your tent
7. Reusable bin bag liner – because camping doesn’t have to equal big black bin liners of waste
8. Pillows – because whilst you always remember duvets or sleeping bags, pillows somehow often get forgotten
9. Earplugs
10. Bucket or baby bath – SO helpful for kiddo wash time when you don’t want to traipse to a shower

11. Eye mask
12. Eco firelighters
13. Wellies and waterproofs – even just to keep them in the car
14. Headtorch – this will literally make your kids’ year….
15. Camping light

16. Dry shampoo
17. Toilet paper – there’s never enough, plus someone’s kid always needs some
18. Sunscreen
19. Beanies for everyone – it gets COLD! More cold than you’d think
20. A great pair of thick socks. And thermals

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  1. Chrissy
    August 6, 2019 / 9:05 pm

    I couldn’t agree more on every single item. The other weekend when it was super stormy we managed to forget our sleeping bag! Thank goodness for the blankets .

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