Have A Lush Weekend

We enjoyed two wonderful days of sunshine here in London – and it’s wild garlic season which means dinner is sorted thanks to our lovely friend Laura who dropped over a bunch earlier that she’d foraged. Here’s some other fun things going on on the internet..

The Most Surprising Thing About Having Kids – according to Mums

Affordable Hotels in Europe

Read this if you’re thinking about getting a goldfish

Why Women Are Worried About #Metoo

This festival in the Highlands looks epic

Loving the Spring10X10 Instagram challenge

The Importance of Getting Your Nature Fix 

The New Leonardio DiCaprio

A Vegan Tequila Sour

And finally, a perfect solution for an eco friendly period

Plus, a great reader comment:

Says Jessy on 10 Best Ever Non Plastic Kids Toys:  “If you find your little ones struggling to settle I highly recommend a book called “the rabbit who wants to fall asleep” by Carl-Johan Forssén Ehrlin. I bought it for my son’s first birthday but as a family book and we read it every night. It really works and I find myself yawning along too.”

Have a good one!

Emma x


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