An (Inexpensive) Kids Gift Guide

The festive period should be a wonderful time to come together as a family, delve into your religion or spirituality a little (if that’s relevant to you and yours), eat some delicious food and exchange a few gifts for fun. Don’t let the consumerism side of it take over, live by the rules you want to and you’ll have a wonderful few weeks.  This year, I’ll be living by the below:

*Be honest – my relatives know my opinion on all things ‘stuff’ by now so I will be asking them in a kind way not to give the kids loads of gifts. Don’t shy away from how you feel – you can still be sensitive around it!
*Be practical – practical gifts that the kids really need, and which are still a treat, are always winners
*Drop the shame – I have no qualms in wrapping up an empty washed out spray for Sonny to have his very own spray to clean with. And you know what, I bet Jack will want one exactly the same

Here’s some things I’m considering getting the kids (or already have, and adore!):

A notebook to personalise and write down memories from the day or fill with recipes they enjoy making, £3.50 for 5

Paint your own wooden bird house, to get arty and enjoy nature in the process, £2.99

Kids kitchen knife and peeler, to get them helping in the kitchen. £34

Garden gloves, to foster those green fingers young. £4.19

Quilted cosy pyjamas, £13

Goldfish, because kids can keep beings alive alive too

Mindful Kin cards, because sometimes you need a reminder to be mindful (and fun!) with your kids. £9.50

Stainless steel straws, there ain’t no better way to slurp. £5.50

DOT magazine subscription, aka the coolest magazine out there for pre-schoolers, £20 for 4 issues

What will you be getting your little ones? Any amazing gifts that went down super well that you can share with us?

Emma xxx

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