I’ve been cutting my own fringe for yonks (cheaper, easier, you’re in control and more fun 😜) so here’s all my top tips in one 5 min video – grab a cuppa and your sharpest pair of scissors*, have a watch and go for it. Good luck and let me know how you get on !

Watch the video here

Emma xxx

P.S Could You Buy No New Clothes for a Year?

*a comb helps too, but I couldn’t find mine anywhere so 🤷🏻‍♀️

The other night, as I was tucking Sonny into bed just after we’d read about teeth in one of our favourite books, ‘How Will I Grow?‘ – adults have thirty-two, in case you were wondering – we started discussing the difference between baby teeth and grown up teeth. Sonny promptly launched into an anecdote about why baby ones are “cooler” than “grown up” ones (note to self: how the heck does our 3 year old know the word “cool”?) and how he’s convinced that he’s lost a tooth (he definitely hasn’t). Anyway, I was instinctively triggered in that moment to ask him one of my all time favourite questions, and it goes something like this:

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Harem pants, fisherman pants, hippy trousers, buddha pants…call them what you will, I am a huge fan of these baggy beauties and find any excuse to pop a pair on myself or the boys. They work perfectly for more endowed cloth nappy bums, can be worn all year round (just team with a cute oversized knit jumper in the Winter…), last for years, wash well, are super comfortable and look just a little bit cute too. Here’s a round up of some of my fave brands and the stories behind their makers.

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