A little look at what my morning routine looks like as a mum of two working from home, including getting the boys off to nursery, a quick workout and a breakfast meeting.

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Every week we feature an illustration from the brilliant Nina Cosford – here’s this weeks!


PS. The Perfect Bun and The Woman-Child

Making your own milks at home (check out this 3 Ingredient Oat Milk recipe) not only saves you money, but also cuts down on the amount of packaging waste you’re producing and is also a great activity to do with children. View Post

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This is a little bit of an experiment for me and my family… I’m going to talk you through the rubbish that we’ve accumulated as a household, in 7 days. I’m literally emptying out my rubbish bin on you all, and showing you what we either send to landfill or to recycling. Disclaimer – it gets messy (and a bit smelly – but you don’t need to worry about that.)

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Today I’m sharing with you my top ten tips for positive parenting, from language to rules to scheduling.

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For clothes, I tend nearly always shop in independent online shops, second hand shops or vintage shops. This week, I’m giving you 10 tips on how to effectively second hand shop and also take you along on a shopping trip with me and Gitte!  View Post

I’m talking you through what I pack in my bag as a low waste mum of two. Disclaimer: it’s pretty minimalist!


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PS. Could You Parent Plastic Free? and Five Zero Waste Parenting Switches