Sharing dinner together is such an important part of our family life: it’s our time to slow down, sit together uninterrupted, talk to each other and share a nourishing meal. It’s a great way for us to connect with our kids and get them to try new foods. In fact, eating dinner with your kids could be the most important thing you do with them: it’s seen to boost their vocabulary even more than being read out loud to, contribute to healthier eating habits, reduce medical disorders like asthma and anxiety, and even boosts moods.

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I felt like I wanted the tagline of this article to be “A tip to destress – and no, it’s not yoga or meditation.” Because typically that’s what we’re told, isn’t it. Or that we must switch off our phone with terms such as “digital detox” continually being advocated. But here’s the thing: sometimes I don’t want to or can’t get on my yoga mat or go for a run or switch my phone off. I might have the kids with me or a work call about to happen or I might just not feel like doing a downward dog with Sonny up in my arse. (for the record, most days that’s OK, but sometimes it’s not.) View Post

I’m always looking to add new strings to my bow when it comes to Textiles. I love fabrics and yarn; I love how they look and how they behave and the multiple ways you can use them. After spending years in a world of yarn teaching people how to knit and crochet, once I had my daughter I became drawn towards using natural ingredients for cosmetics, shampoos and body washes. View Post

Do you want to start adding some greenery to your home but don’t know where to begin? Houseplants are awesome, but we’ve all got a lot going on. Between work, chores, and chasing the kids around, caring for houseplants tends to fall far down on the list of priorities when we get busy. But it’s all about the types of plants we choose. If you select low maintenance houseplants, and don’t over tend them, you’ll be a green thumb in no time. Here’s how… View Post

Bedtime historically isn’t my favourite part of the day – by that point I’m usually knackered and ready for some kid free time. I’ve come up with a few ‘rules’ we follow that have helped us keep it relatively stress – free and quick (except during those weeks when we had to transition Sonny from co-sleeping to his own crib – cripes!), some of which may surprise you. Here they are…. View Post