Harem pants, fisherman pants, hippy trousers, buddha pants…call them what you will, I am a huge fan of these baggy beauties and find any excuse to pop a pair on myself and the boys.  View Post

There is nothing like traveling to the Far East with kids that bring us parents out in the shakes – and understandably so. It’s a far off place whose culture, language, politics are totally distinct from ours here in the UK . I for one was definitely anxious before we left and did worry if we’d overshot ourselves heading there with a two year old and an eight month old. View Post

Traveling with my family is my favourite thing in the world but there’s no doubt that it can be stressful, especially when the kids are young, the sun is strong and you’re moving about a lot (we’ll have stayed in five different spots by the time this trip is up). I suppose we’re quite experienced travelers and over the years I feel like I’ve developed a few small ‘coping’ mechanisms that help when things can get a bit hot and sweaty and to ensure that mama gets some holiday time, too.  View Post

Now that the wedding festivities are over (the reason we came to Florida), we’re currently spending the week in a sort of chilled town North of Miami. Sam is working during the days so it’s just me and kids, in our basic apartment, playing with empty cereal boxes and hanging out in car parks. View Post

Yoga has always been a seminal part of my life. I think it’s friggin’ cool that all you need is your body – no fancy equipment or posh activewear (you should see what I wear to yoga..) and feel *that* good. I started practising long before I had children and can’t see a day when I’ll ever stop. View Post

Some fun news: Mamalina is growing and going to be including writing, imagery, tips and general awesomeness from other women around the world. These women aren’t going to be big Instagrammers (some might by by a happy chance), but more ordinary, very extraordinary women who are experts in their own field and who have wisdom and talent to impart.  View Post

I was sat next to a lovely lady the other morning in my local cafe. I watched her coo over her tiny baby with such calm contentment, and of course we got chatting pretty quickly. She was an obstetrician whose job was to deliver babies and this was her second child so we were soon exchanging all sorts of titbits of information over our coffees (me to her: “what’s it like being on the opposite side of the ‘bed’?” Her to me: “do gro clocks actually work?” For the record, we’ve never had one so I have no idea.) View Post