We enjoyed two wonderful days of sunshine here in London – and it’s wild garlic season which means dinner is sorted thanks to our lovely friend Laura who dropped over a bunch earlier that she’d foraged. Here’s some other fun things going on on the internet.. View Post

Do your kids eat salad greens? If they do, then lucky you, but if, like most of us, you’re desperate to introduce the delights and textures of raw saladings to your little refuseniks, then you could do much worse than try out this little project. Not only is it the easiest and most gratifying seed-sowing escapade for doing with little ones, but the ensuing pea-shoots are sweet and yummy, just like peas; the perfect gateway to rather more challenging raw green things. View Post

I swear one day my bag used to be full of chewing gum and spare pairs of shoes. These days, my bag is more likely to contain a crumpled up canvas bag or three and half a slice of banana cake (if I’m lucky). I never, ever leave the house these days without a tin or canvas bag of some sorts and feel kinda naked if I do. (Have a peek inside my ‘handbag’). View Post

So. I’m currently in the process of transforming into a not-so-stay-at-home mum and full time blogger. I’m morphing as a person, going through some pretty big changes, many of which I’m sharing with you. I am in the social media world which means I am social, when I want to be (currently sitting in the waiting room at the dentist about to have part of my gums shaven off, didn’t ya know). Instagram is my real life but its not my full life. View Post