I had the pleasure of interviewing Georgina Wilson-Powell, the brains behind the totally awesome independent Pebble magazine. Pebble is not about ‘sustainability’ as you might know it. It’s not about intimidating or even dare I say… View Post

I’m so excited to introduce on Mamalina Meets Siobhan Miller aka Hypnobirthing Guru and founder of The Positive Birth Company. Siobhan, or Shivvy, runs group hypnobirthing courses monthly in London, Devon and Birmingham and is also an… View Post

I’m definitely not a ‘food blogger’ so don’t come looking here for recipes with exact measures or particularly crazy ingredients; instead, you’ll find simple meals that are easy for busy people to prepare (say for… View Post

Earlier this year I wrote about what I called PMLF (a super catchy acronym, I know). I was referring to that feeling of ‘what next’? that I was experiencing six months into maternity leave with… View Post