To celebrate Real Nappy Week, I wanted to post 5 questions for anyone considering ditching disposables and opting for cloth instead. Using cloth nappies is not hard, it’s just different to using disposables and requires a slightly changed mindset. View Post

Oh my, this weather! We’ve been so spoilt, haven’t we? It’s been truly wonderful. We’ve taken things extra slow this week and spent so much time having impromptu picnics, running through the woods and finally, strip washing our nappies. Here’s some other fun things from around the web:

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And finally, two great reader comments:

Esther on Let Your Kids Be Independent : “OMG thank you for writing this. My kids are 5 and 3. I love being home with my them but I’ll be honest I get totally bored “playing” with them at home. So I’ve been leaving them to it and getting on with what I need or want to do round the house. I always ensure we spend time together at some point during the day doing an activity (baking, creating, gardening, or I get them to help with house chores or we go out together, where weirdly I find I can engage in play) and during that time we talk lots and enjoy the activity but I just can’t play with them and decided long ago they won’t want a mummy who is distracted and yawning through boredom – this is our balance and we’re really happy with it. BUT I’ve been racked with guilt that I’m not a good mummy because I don’t play with them. I can’t believe that actually others do this! What a revelation!”

Says Ruth on Extended Breastfeeding – Debunking Myths: “I breastfed my youngest until just after her second birthday. I enjoyed many nights out, nights in, nights away from my baby, a week long holiday to New York with my husband just before her first birthday when she was still taking more milk than solid food and I had absolutely no problems. I went back to work. My life carried on, my baby grew into a (very loud and eloquent) toddler who would ask for milk in public (never failed to turn me scarlet). I never, ever found breast feeding restricting. In fact, it was really very straight forward – on hand whenever required without the need for hot water or sterile bottles. Don’t get me wrong, the first few months of constant feeding were tiring and I had many horrid bouts of mastitis so it wasn’t all sunshine. But I loved it and i’m proud that my body could provide so successfully for my child. I fed my elder child until his first birthday and really felt that stopping at 1 was the right thing to do at that point as he had lost interest and was only taking a forced breast for a few moments in the evening. Two different children, two different feeding journeys. Do what is right for you and your child. Take advice, listen carefully but do ‘t feel the need to do what society tells you to do. Your life, your child. They are little for such a short time. Love them. x”

Have a wonderful one,

Emma xxx

P.S An An Alternative Florida Trip and Glamping With A Toddler And Newborn

We all know this image don’t we? A woman – who looks like she’s extended breastfeeding! In western society extended breastfeeding simply means feeding a child past the age of 12 months. My son is nearly 18 months old and I often get asked if I am ‘still’ feeding him. Yes, I am and no, I don’t plan to stop until both he and I are ready. View Post

I’m not classically a very productive person – my natural state is to not make plans (whether with work or with the kids) and to go where the wind blows me. And with the onset of some glorious sunshine today, I’m taking Radiohead’s lyrics ‘‘Hey Man, Slow down’ even more to heart and thinking about all the things really worth slowing down for.  View Post

We feature an illustration by the fabulous Nina Cosford every week. Here’s todays.

Anyone else feel like a bad plant parent?!

P.S The Wrong Size Wardrobe and The Granny Toddler Look

I’ll be honest; I LOVE a DIY but my kind of DIY is the kind that is quick, easy and super rewarding. Skincare is something I have been passionate about for my entire adult life but it’s only been the last few years that I have really learnt the importance of non toxic, cruelty free products. View Post

Bet no one is happier that this week is over than Mr Zuckerberg! Tomorrow I have a whole day to myself (I’ll explain why tomorrow) and then Sunday we are brunching with a couple who are expecting a new baby. Oh and I’m also planning on baking this. In the meantime, here’s some fun things going down in Internet land.. View Post

In the last few weeks leading up to my due date I revelled in being home. Simple things filled me with joy, listening to podcasts on loud speaker, washing newborn onesies, scrubbing the windowsills with a tooth brush… I was ‘text book’ nesting and I loved it. I’d discovered minimalism, and was on a mission (which I am still!) to remove any unnecessary ‘things’ from my life, I found huge satisfaction in the ability to let even the most sentimental items go. View Post