How many hours a day do you spend at your computer, searching the internet for an amazing restaurant (every time) or for your next holiday destination? According to Wired Magazine, we spend more time online than sleeping, or to put it another way, we spend more time browsing the Internet than doing anything else. Like it or not, we have become a Nation obsessed with consuming information. But what if, whilst we were shopping and watching and writing and reading, we could do some good at the same time? View Post

As I write this, its 5pm and you’ve just taken yourself to bed saying you need to nap (totally not a normal occurrence). I say “taken yourself”, but you were in a state my lovely one, crying, throwing yourself around, and just so obviously, so tired.  View Post

With a bit of preparation and creativity, camping plastic free is not only entirely possible, it’s actually extremely satisfying and will leave you feeling inspired and full of plastic free ideas for your next trip away, as well as a whole lot lighter because there’ll be no black bin bag full of rubbish to dispose of at the end of it all.

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As I write this, you’re both upstairs in your room together, making up imaginary games, listening to audiobooks, gently clambering on each other (I trust you not to hurt each other), reading books.
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Whilst my parenting style is fairly relaxed, good behaviour is one aspect I don’t compromise on. I expect a lot of my kids and for their sake, believe it’s an important part of my role as their parent to discipline them. I’m not their friend…  View Post

Every now and then a brand comes along that I want to just shout about at the top of my voice because they’re making an awesome product or service that does good and still manages to beat the bigger retail brands when it comes to price. View Post

In today’s video I take you plastic free food shopping with me and show it can be simple, affordable and delicious to do so. I always take the kids food shopping with me but I felt juggling a camera, buggy and two kids under 4 might be pushing it but normally, they’d be right there with me. Hope you enjoy the video…. View Post

There’s nothing I love more than waking up with a clear, empty day ahead of us. Watch this week’s video to see what we got up to, and how we take it slow on a zero plans, zero routine, typical day for us..

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